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Would you like to Volunteer or Intern with the LCAC?

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Internship Overview


The 2022 Intern Cohort will work under the supervision of the Marketing and Digital Infrastructure Team Leader and the Executive Director.  They will have the opportunity to work across the LCAC & interface with operations, programs, and events to gain technical training & real-world insights.


Teams Norms

Be Bold

We are all Leaders 

Planning is Fun and Necessary 

Ask for Help and Communicate 


La Oportunidad

La Oportunidad before the 2022 Intern Cohort is to see the LCAC as their first professional client. They will learn from each and support one another through their experience. They will be presented with the possibilities and challenges facing the LCAC Team, and be asked for their insights and leadership in addressing them. 


They will present ideas to the Team, receive feedback, revise them and create new initiatives that support the LCAC’s mission, vision, and values. With the right motivation and attitude there exists the potential for long-term growth. 



  • To support the next generación of cultural arts leadership 


  • To fast-track talent into high paying careers


  • To create a peer-based learning community for all ages



To go more in depth into la historia of the LCAC and

learn more about Colorado's creative comunidad, read our Blog!

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