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Ofrendas: The Collective Healing Power of Art


Ofrendas is a multi-faceted celebration of the ancient native and contemporary Mexican, Mexican-American and Guatemalan traditions behind Día de los Muertos. It was an invitation to co-create with local and international artisans, while celebrating and honoring our ancestors.


This past year, The LCAC was pleased to partner with the Colorado Art Therapist Association to facilitate workshops at Foothills Art Center of Golden, Escuela de Guadalupe, Mexican Cultural Center, Raíces Brewing Company, and the Sun Valley Youth Center. We will continue to dedicate the Fall (September 22nd - November 2nd) to mental health and emotional resilience.


Photograph taken by Armando Geneyro on the set of the LCAC Ofrendas Documentary with Creative Directors Victoria Paige Gonzalez, Xencs L. Wing, Alejandra Peralta. Pictured above is Denisse and Chuco. Styling: Iccauhtzin; Adornments: Xencs L. Wing; Make-up: Stacy Berumen; Hair: Rachael Ibarra; Lowrider: Arnold De Herrera.

Ofrendas Documentary 


The Ofrendas Documentary tells stories behind Day of the Dead in Denver and across Colorado over the last 50 years. The mini-film features the history of Mexican/Chicano Denver, starting with Carlos Frequez’s 1993 screenprint,“Westside Wedding”, at St. Cajetan church on what is now the Auraria Campus. Through the lenses of the Denver Catrina Troupe, Rosales Bakery, elders, young people, families and community leaders, we celebrate those who have passed and turn the collective losses into moments of remembrance, resilience and teaching.


In 2022, the Ofrendas Documentary moves across the state to elevate the richness & diversity around these traditions about life after death in Colorado. This educational tool will be unveiled next Fall for educators, students & families.

Ofrendas Mercado Shopping Event @ Hijos del Sol

The LCAC award winning retail stop, Hijos del Sol, brings the highest quality handmade items for your altar, whether you are beginning new traditions or continuing with old. It supports local and international artisans, while offering individuals and families the opportunity to honor their departed loved ones in a personalized way. You will find the best curated selection of clothing, jewelry & accessories, folk art, and more! Masks required.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

There are many ways to get involved in supporting Ofrendas 2022:

- Email Alfredo Reyes at Alfredo@LCAC-denver.org

- Submit a donation on the LCAC Colorado Gives website.

- Volunteer by contacting joyce@lcac-denver.org