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Ofrendas 2022: Celebration of Life at Levitt Pavilion Denver

The Latino Cultural Arts Center dedicates the Fall to Día de los Muertos and Mental Wellness as we kickoff Ofrendas 2022. The aim is to create intergenerational and intercultural opportunities to learn about different traditions associated with Día de los Muertos while destigmatizing access to mental health. 

Ofrendas is an open invitation to co-create with local artists, artisans, educators, and mental health professionals inspired by the losses we have faced. Join us October 9th, from 12-3pm, at Levitt Pavilion Denver for the Celebration of Life event which includes family friendly activities for all with various wellness resources and activities. DJ Selecta C will emcee and showcase Afro-beats with a flair of reggae music. The lineup this year includes a Denver Parks and Rec Zumba class at 12:30pm and a performance by Cipriano. Headlining the inaugural festival this year is

Los Mocochetes.

Special Thanks to the Ofrendas 2022 Sponsors

Caring for Denver, Levitt Pavilion Denver, Denver Arts and Venues, The Rose Foundation, 5280 Magazine, Flor Sells Denver, US Bank, and El Semanario

Ofrendas Workshops are HERE!

The LCAC dedicates the Fall to Dia de los Muertos and mental wellness. The theme for Ofrendas 2022 focuses on resilience through storytelling. Personal narratives are a powerful tool in which we can create and communicate who we are as an individual, a family unit, and as a community.


Stories create spaces that tell us how we came to be, where we are heading, and how we hope to grow. The workshops are lead by a team of local artists and educators: Adriana Palacios, Carolyna Espinoza, Cindy Loya, Jackeline Ruiz and Nancy Viera. 

Ofrendas 2022: Calaveritas Workshops
For All Ages | Free Event | Lite Snacks Provided 

Sugar Skulls are a delightfully sweet way to remember those we love. Come celebrate and honor your loved ones with us while you create and decorate a sugar skull and learn all about this traditional craft!

Oct. 22, 2022: Corky Gonzales Library - 1498 Irving St, Denver, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Oct. 25, 2022: Huron Street Library - 9417 Huron Street, Denver, 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM


Oct. 27, 2022: Raices Brewing Co. - 2060 W. Colfax Avenue, Denver, 6 PM - 8 PM 


Ofrendas 2022: Saint Candle Workshop

For All Ages | Free Event | Lite Snacks Provided 

How would you like to be remembered? Candles have been used to honor and illuminate our celebrations for more than 5,000 years. Come decorate a candle with us so that it may honor and illuminate those you cherish in this world and the next.


Oct 23, 2022: Foothills Art Center - 809 15th St, Golden, 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM 


Ofrendas 2022: Catrina Worry Dolls Workshop

For All Ages | Free Event | Lite Snacks Provided 

In Mayan tradition children tell little dolls their worries and place the dolls underneath their pillows and while they sleep the dolls take away their worries. Make your own little Catrina Worry Doll to take your worries away and learn all about the importance of reflecting and sharing our stories with others. 


Oct 27, 2022: Colfax Elementary - 1526 Tennyson St, Denver, 3:40 PM - 5:30 PM


Ofrendas 2022: Corona Wreaths Workshop

For All Ages | Free Event | Lite Snacks Provided 

Learn about the importance of the Cempasuchil in Dia de los Muertos traditions and how celebrating our ancestors with our families is a source of strength and wellness. Partake in this beautiful tradition of making flower wreaths to place on your home altar.  

Oct 24, 2022: Sun Valley Kitchen - 1260 Decatur St, Denver, 5 PM - 7 PM 


Nov 4, 2022: Hoffman Library - 1298 Peoria St, Aurora, 2 PM - 4 PM


Ofrendas 2022: 2-part Men's Photography Workshop

For Men all ages | Free Event | Lite Snacks Provided


This 2-part workshop centers men’s mental wellness with the use of photography to explore different themes of identity, the different roles people have played in our lives and redefining modern masculinity.


Oct 15 and 29, 2022: Globeville Center - 4496 Grant St, Denver, 2PM - 4 PM 


Ofrendas 2022: Alebrijes Workshop

For All Ages | Free Event | Lite Snacks Provided

Fantastical animals created from a fever dream and transformed into our spiritual guides. These magnificent and colorful creatures are said to act as our guides and protectors. Connect with your spiritual side while you make your own Alebrije!


Oct 19, 2022: Sandoval Elementary -  3655 Wyandot St, Denver, 4:15 PM - 6:15 PM


Oct 28, 2022: Sun Valley Youth Center - 1230 Decatur St, Denver, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Register - CANCELLED

Nov 3, 2022: Lake Middle School - 1820 Lowell Blvd Denver, 3:00 PM- 5:00 PM


Ofrendas 2022: Faux Tin Frames Workshop

For All Ages | Free Event | Lite Snacks Provided

Create a faux tin frame for a loved one or to hold a special photograph. These beautiful frames catch the light from candles and give us a physical place to celebrate our most cherished moments and people. Learn more about this traditional craft while creating your own frame and the important role photographs have in Dia de los Muertos. 


Oct 12, 2022: Sandoval Elementary - 3655 Wyandot St, Denver, 4:15 PM - 6:15 PM


Nov 2, 2022: Boulder Public Library - 1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, 4 PM - 6 PM


Ofrendas 2022: Huichol Yarn Painting Workshop

For All Ages | Free Event | Lite Snacks Provided 

Learn about the Huichol cosmology and how it relates to wellness through the beautiful art of yarn painting with beeswax. Create your own yarn painting while you learn about the different symbols in Huichol art!


Oct 16, 2022: Foothills Art Center - 809 15th St, Golden, 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Oct 30, 2022: Broomfield Library - 3 community Park Rd, Broomfield, 1 PM - 3 PM



Photograph taken by Armando Geneyro on the set of the LCAC Ofrendas Documentary with Creative Directors Victoria Paige Gonzalez, Xencs L. Wing and Alejandra Peralta. Pictured above is Denisse and Chuco. Styling: Iccauhtzin; Adornments: Xencs L. Wing; Make-up: Stacy Berumen; Hair: Rachael Ibarra; Lowrider: Arnold De Herrera.

Ofrendas Documentary 


The Ofrendas Documentary is a multi-part series that tells stories about what Día de los Muertos traditions mean to communities across Denver and Colorado. This first episode explores the origins of both the ancient and contemporary celebrations of sacred tradition that honors life and renewals. LCAC is collaborating with  film makers Steven Yazzie and Gabe Fermin to conduct interviews with local Native and Chicano cultural warriors Maruca Salazar, Santiago Jaramillo, Ramona Beltran, and David Atekpatzin Young. Each bring unique stories and personal reflections  about Day of the Dead.  

Special thanks to Ofrendas 2022 Sponsors

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