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Ofrendas Celebration of Life 

The Latino Cultural Arts Center dedicates the Fall to Día de los Muertos and Mental Wellness as we prepare to kickoff Ofrendas 2023. The aim is to create intergenerational and intercultural opportunities to learn about different traditions associated with Día de los Muertos while destigmatizing access to mental health. Ofrendas is an open invitation to co-create with local artists, artisans, educators, and mental health professionals inspired by the losses we have faced.

Ofrendas Workshops

Ofrendas has education and mental health at its core. We collaborate with educators, artists, and mental health professionals to create engaging crafts and activities for public and in-school programming. Each workshop engages the roots of Día de los Muertos and what it means to grieve and honor a loved one's memory.

Workshop Schedule for 2023 will be announced in early Fall. 


Photograph taken by Armando Geneyro on the set of the LCAC Ofrendas Documentary with Creative Directors Victoria Paige Gonzalez, Xencs L. Wing and Alejandra Peralta. Pictured above is Denisse and Chuco. Styling: Iccauhtzin; Adornments: Xencs L. Wing; Make-up: Stacy Berumen; Hair: Rachael Ibarra; Lowrider: Arnold De Herrera.

Ofrendas Documentary 


The Ofrendas Documentary is a multi-part series that tells stories about what Día de los Muertos traditions mean to communities across Denver and Colorado. This first episode explores the origins of both the ancient and contemporary celebrations of sacred tradition that honors life and renewals. LCAC is collaborating with  film makers Steven Yazzie and Gabe Fermin to conduct interviews with local Native and Chicano cultural warriors Maruca Salazar, Santiago Jaramillo, Ramona Beltran, and David Atekpatzin Young. Each bring unique stories and personal reflections  about Day of the Dead.  

Special thanks to Ofrendas 2023 Sponsors

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